TTO 08: Nice Guys

Remember that scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne crawls through the mile-long sewer pipe? Well, this week we’re Andy, and the sewer pipe is our journey through the mind of a Nice Guy. We even called in Dr. Robert Glover, author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” to help us understand Nice Guys and what makes them tick. You can buy his book here:

Turn That Off! is a podcast that examines the spectacle of popular culture, exploring the bizarre relationship between humans and the (often terrible) media we consume. Please note that we regularly explore unsavory corners of the internet, and don’t condone everything we discuss. 

Hosts: Shea McVaugh, Scott George, Caleb Wilson, Kasey Olson
Produced by: Mark Serna
Find us: #turnthatoffpod @turnthatoffpod
Intro Music: The Score – Orgone
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