TTO 05: Gamergate

Gamergate, or the call for "ethics in gaming journalism" in many ways set the tone and acted as a precursor to the many broader, dumber, and worse battles in the ongoing culture war of our society. We explore the underlying ramifications of a controversy that otherwise seems meaningless on the surface level.

Turn That Off! is a podcast that examines the spectacle of popular culture, exploring the bizarre relationship between humans and the (often terrible) media we consume. Please note that we regularly explore unsavory corners of the internet, and don't condone everything we discuss. 

Hosts: Shea McVaugh, Scott George, Caleb Wilson, Kasey Olson
Produced by: Mark Serna
Find us: #turnthatoffpod @turnthatoffpod
Contact us:
Intro Music: The Score - Orgone
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