TTO 28: A Dumpster Fyre to Warm Your Hands (Fyre Fest)

We had plans for this episode since last November, and lady luck was kind enough to bestow a gift to make Fyre relevant again: a pair of well made documentaries on Hulu and Netflix.

Join the hosts of Turn That Off! in their brand new studio location as they examine Billy McFarland, Andy King's close call with a custom's officers dingus, Caleb getting blocked by FuckJerry, Fuck FuckJerry in general, and a loose analysis of the two streaming Fyre Fest documentaries.

Link to the Exuma Gofundme:

Turn That Off! is a podcast that examines the spectacle of popular culture, exploring the bizarre relationship between humans and the (often terrible) media we consume. Please note that we regularly explore unsavory corners of the internet, and don’t condone everything we discuss. 


Hosts: Shea McVaugh, Scott George, Caleb Wilson, Kasey Olson
Produced by: Leonard Accos
Find us: #turnthatoffpod @turnthatoffpod 
Intro Music: Orgone - The Score
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